Welcome to Galway Baby Scans.


We have moved!
Our new address:

Carepoint Medical Centre
4 Sean Mulvoy Road

Firstly congratulations on being pregnant.

We at Carepoint Medical Centre would like to take this opportunity to invite you, your family and friends for a Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan on our Mindray M7 Ultrasound Scanner.

Our staff are medical and scientific professionals who have extensive training in obstetric ultrasound.

We  provide services to give you more choice during your pregnancy.
Pregnancy is an important time for you and we aim to provide an opportunity to answer your questions and see your baby on ultrasound in a relaxed, unhurried and confidential environment.
The Pregnancy Ultrasound Services we offer are Early Pregnancy/Dating/Viability Scans, Gender Scans, Well Being and Presentation Scans.
As well we have Combined Pregnancy Ultrasound Packages to cover all stages of pregnancy at affordable prices.
The experience is emotional and very exciting as you get to meet with your little treasure before they enter the world.

To book your appointment please call us on the following number 091 760107