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congratulations on being pregnant

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About us

Our staff are medical and scientific professionals who have extensive training in obstetric ultrasound. We provide services to give you more choice during your pregnancy .

Firstly congratulations on being pregnant.

We at Galway Baby Scans would like to take this opportunity to invite you, your family and friends for a Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan on our Mindray M7 Ultrasound Scanner.

We  provide services to give you more choice during your pregnancy.
Pregnancy is an important time for you and we aim to provide an opportunity to answer your questions and see your baby on ultrasound in a relaxed, unhurried and confidential environment.

Our staff are medical and scientific professionals who have extensive training in obstetric ultrasound.

The Pregnancy Ultrasound Services we offer are Early Pregnancy/Dating/Viability Scans, Gender Scans, Well Being and Presentation Scans.

As well we have Combined Pregnancy Ultrasound Packages to cover all stages of pregnancy at affordable prices.
The experience is emotional and very exciting as you get to meet with your little treasure before they enter the world.

We are proud and excited to announce the arrival of the latest, state-of-the-art high resolution GE 3D/4D ultrasound machine.

This new scanner is equipped with the very latest advancements in ultrasound scanning including the amazing HD Live 4D scan rendering. This ingenious piece of technology creates even more realistic images of babies in the womb by combining a new surface rendering technique for smoother skin appearance, with a moveable ‘light source’ to enable the best 3D/4D baby scan images you will ever see.

The machine will be used by our qualified health professionals for all routine pregnancy and gynaecology scans. The addition of this machine ensures that we remain at the very cutting edge of ultrasound technology.


Our offer

Early Baby Scan

  • 20 Minute Appointment
  • 4 x 2D B&W Photos
  • Identifies Fetal Heart Beat
  • Identifies Single or Multiple Pregnancy
  • Dating of Pregnancy

Gender Scan

  • 15 Minute Appointment
  • Confirm Baby’s Gender
  • Strip of 2D photos

Wellbeing Scan

  • Measure the circumference of your baby’s head
  • Measure the size of your baby’s waist
  • Measure the length of your baby’s femur (leg bone)
  • Examine your placenta
  • Check and the amount of fluid around your baby
  • Check the baby’s movements
  • Check the blood flow in the umbilical cord

3D/4D Scan

  • 30 minute appointment
  • Colour/ b&w photos
  • Gender confirmation - if requested
  • Wellbeing report - if requested

Presentation Scan

  • 20 Minute appointment
  • Strip of 2D photos prints
  • Bring your Memory Stick for all Images to take away
  • Wellbeing Check
  • Heartbeat
  • Blood Flow
  • Placenta Presentation
  • Baby Presentation: cephalic (head down) or breech (head up)
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