This new scanner is equipped with the very latest advancements in ultrasound scanning including the amazing HD Live 4D scan rendering. This ingenious piece of technology creates even more realistic images of babies in the womb by combining a new surface rendering technique for smoother skin appearance, with a moveable ‘light source’ to enable the best 3D/4D baby scan images you will ever see.

The machine will be used by our qualified health professionals for all routine pregnancy and gynaecology scans. The addition of this machine ensures that we remain at the very cutting edge of ultrasound technology.

Its importing that people are aware of the factors that affect one getting good quality images in a 3D/4D scan.

3D/4D scans rely on several important factors. These include:
The position of the baby, the amount of water surrounding baby. Excessive maternal abdominal fat can also affect the quality of the images obtained and placenta location.

Sometimes baby may not be in the ideal position for scanning. If this is the case then we would ask you to take a short walk or move round a little to encourage baby to move.

If this is not satisfactory then a further appointment will be offered at no further cost.

While we allow a 45 minute appointment for a 3D/4D scan and with all our best efforts sometimes it is impossible to get good quality images of baby as 3D/4D scans are surface scans they depend on getting a good view of baby.

Please consider this prior to booking a 3D/4D scan as these factors are unpredictable at the time of scanning.